It is no news about the hiccups this nation Nigeria has suffered, we have several people killed on a daily basis and it is a really painful to see an human being slaughtered and molested. The problem in the north is disheartening a thing of sadness to everyone because we are all affected one way or the other except for our politicians who have showed their I DONT CARE attitude towards them.

The major opposition party (APC) have showed their desperation for the presidential seat in aso rock. concerning this several statement that    are hypersentitive and detrimental to the current state of the nation have been made and yet the incapable Federal Government led by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan  has not been able to do or the politicised police has not been able to arrest any individual because they are influential and are political bigwigs. Ironically, if this statement have been made by an ordinary Nigeria, he/she will be cooling his head in the police cell

The ruling party have doing whetever they feel neglecting the constitution, using the military and the police to carry out their evil deed. We have a president who does not deserve to be called a leader not to talk of president.

Election is  drawing near now and both political party must have been getting skill to rig the election, good but try hard to free those neccessary and liberate our northern brothers even if you have so soon forgotten our chibok sisters, they are remembered by millions of Nigerian.

We need freedom and not to keep  Progressing deep into corruption  and injustices.
Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! 2015

nigeria economy

A former Vice President of the World Bank and one time Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has said the use of archaic examination system is one of the major challenges facing the education sector. Ezekwesili, who is also the Senior Economic Advisor, Open Society Foundation, stated this on Wednesday in Abuja while making a presentation at the 20th Nigerian Economic Summit. In her presentation titled, ‘Education: For what purpose?’, the minister also listed poor relations between the federal and state education agencies, improper implementation of policies, communication gaps between operators in the sector and society; and corruption in the monitoring and policing system as other factors affecting the sector. She said without an educated workforce, the country would not be productive. This, she added, would lead to a failure in industries. She stressed the need to create an entrepreneurial class that would take away the burden of job creation from the government, adding that education should not be seen as a luxury, but a right. The former minister also advocated a public-private partnership arrangement in the education sector,noting that this would help to bring about new ideas that would grow the economy She said, “Government needs to create jobs, eradicate poverty, increase access to education and grow the economy through innovation using its human capital “Industries need new ideas, creativity, innovation and people with skills, talent and entrepreneurship to produce goods and services sold for a profit in the market “Partnerships between government monitoring and regulating the innovative institutions developing these skills and the employers will create a powerful network for centres of excellence.” Also speaking at the summit, the acting Head, Department for International Development, Mr. Christian Rogg, called on all stakeholders to address challenges that prevent access, equity and inclusion of all school children. He decried the continuous public underfunding of basic education in the country despite significant population increase. For instance, he cited the lack of textbooks and instructional materials for students and teachers, inadequate classrooms, and ineffective teaching force as some of the supply side problems facing the sector.